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Richard Torregano (Louisiana's 6th Congressional District
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                                              "RPT" for Congress (50 + 1)
                                                             Ballot # 23

Richard Torregano

                        Independent Candidate for Louisiana’s 6th District 


My Core Values:   Fairness  -  Innovation  -  Real Reform

My Priorities


Defending the Middle Class                      Legislating Innovation in Government                                                                       

Promoting Job Creation                           Supporting Fair Taxes and Fair Trade

Diversifying Our Energy System              Reforming Our Political System

Restoring Louisiana’s Coast

We must break out of the gridlock and logjam of the two major parties, and the special interests that have bought our political process to the brink.

The incumbent Congressman, Dr. Bill Cassidy, has put the interests of his political party and campaign contributors ahead of those of the people of the 6th District. The incumbent Republican supports a "Voucher" system for Social Secuirty without specifing the amout to be paid. (What insurance company will want to provide insurance for senior citizens?)  He has signed the Grover Norquist pledge for "No New Taxes".  This is not practical given our current economic dilemma.

My pledge is to work with other Independents and independent-minded Democrats and Republicans to create innovative policies that break the logjam – but we must elect an Independent to get this done.

We need real reform, such as reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act to control the large banks and financial interests who triggered the Crash of 2008.

New "Flat Tax" (Federal Income Tax).  However, no-one below the defined poverty level to pay Federal Income Tax.

No more "amortized" home loans, government to float Federal "T" bonds with simple interest and money made on loans will go to offset MediCare and Social Security.

New Health Care Program... or.... the “American Total Health Plan” based on income and age and all legal US citizens included.

New business organization, the Co-Operative Business Organization, owned by the employees, to bring back lost over-seas and "out-sourced" jobs.

A plan to provide adaquate funding for Louisiana Gulf Coastal Restoration

Eliminate the "Carry Interest" Tax Brake

Also a plan to accomplish the above proposals (stuff)......(The 2nd part)

Please do not vote the status-quo, don't vote Democratic or Republican, the Democrats & Republicans are the status-quo and the status-quo..........Must Go.

                            Support the ideas, policies, and candidate behind “RPT 50 + 1"*

                                               and vote Independent

"50+1" means you don't need all of Congress to pass a law or bill - you only need 50% plus 1 vote in Congress or a total 218 votes to pass legislation.

President's Initative
Press Releases/Letters
YouTube Links